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It seems like it happened overnight - your little baby is suddenly going off to college. This will be the first time she is fully on her own, so, being the ever thoughtful mom or dad, you’re going to put together all sorts of college care packages for her… And we’re here to help: just check out our handy care package ideas below!

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  1. Forget Something? It’s always been your job to make sure they’re not forgetting anything, so why stop now? Here are some common culprits you can easily include: mouthwash, a hand and face towel, a pair of cozy slippers, their beloved books and movies. Of course, you know best—if there’s something they’re likely to have missed that can come in handy later, throw it in.
  1. Tea Time: Let it be a cold winter evening or a stressful midnight before an exam, tea can provide cozy comfort to anyone. And especially when it is your kid’s first time away from home! Even though you will not be around, include some tea in your care package to comfort them and remind them that you will always be there with them. Herbal and lemon tea are proven to soothe sore throats and relieve cold symptoms! So go ahead and send some herbal options like Chamomile and Ginger to help your baby during those cold and flu seasons.