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You can’t always be there in person when a friend or family member is under the weather. But what you can do is send them a thoughtful get well care package. Not sure what to include? Read on for our top cold and flu care package tips.

Woman under the weather blowing her nose with Puffs Plus Lotion

1. Beverages to Keep them Hydrated

Whether your recipient is a tea or sports drink lover, send them their favorite beverages to help keep them hydrated.

Woman drinking tea with honey and lemon

2. Include Puffs Plus Lotion

By the time they get your get well care package their nose will probably be raw from all that blowing— you’ll be their hero by sending tissues with lotion. Puff Plus Lotion will soothe their irritated skin, and/or you can throw in Puffs Plus Lotion with the scent of Vicks, which offers comfort with every nose blow.

Puffs Plus Lotion box of tissues sitting on the table

3. Save Them a Trip to the Pharmacy

Save them the trouble of needing to run out to the pharmacy by including some common necessities: Ny-Quil, DayQuil, cough drops, and the like.

4. Add a Thoughtful Card

What’s a get well soon care package without a ‘Get Well Soon’ card? Get a funny one to lift their spirits, and ask some other friends or family to sign it as well.

Get well soon card for a care package

5. A Fun Way to Spend their Time

Tossing in a few entertaining pick-me-ups can work wonders. Consider some light reading, a feel-good movie, a gift card for some fun new apps to download, Sudoku, some crossword puzzles or word searches, etc.

Crossword puzzle for a cold care package

Customize your cold care package for the specific person you’re sending it to (and if it’s a flu care package, re- member that the flu may hit harder and last longer—so don’t hold back on care items like tissues with Vicks!). Perhaps you can add some hometown goodies when preparing a care package for your sick (or homesick) college kid. Get creative, Florence Nightingale!

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