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Feeling grateful for the men and women out there who are protecting our freedom? You can show your gratitude by assembling some great care packages for soldiers—we’ll help ya out, don’t worry!

Military boots in front of the American Flag
  1. Entertainment: Though soldiers face a lot of dangers overseas, there is also some downtime—so why not help them enjoy it? Fun stuff like video games, board games, cards, and movies will all be a hit with the troops.
Holding playing cards with a 4 of a kind of aces
  1. “Me” time: they may also want some solitary repose—which is hard to come by with so little personal space. Help them out with engaging books and magazines.
American Soldier reading a book
  1. Personal care: when sending care packages for troops, even the simplest items are worth including. Lip balm, lotion, body wash. The soft touch of Puffs tissues. Foot powder for their overworked feet.
  1. Get well soon: being away from home in harsh conditions, a soldier is likely to get run down at some point. Include a couple soothing items that you would put in a get well care package.
Puffs Military Care Packages
  1. Snacks: from jerky to nuts and candy, all goodies are a welcome treat!
Candy, chips and nuts are great care package ideas
  1. Thank you: when sending military care packages, don’t forget your intention—gratitude. A personal note or thank you card is a thoughtful touch.

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Military Letters are great for care packages for troops