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Are you feeling under the weather with that persistent cold again? Here are a few natural cold remedies you can use to help and add some extra comfort as you recuperate.

Sick woman checking thermometer to see if she has a fever

What To Drink When You Have A Cold?

  • When you’re feeling under the weather it’s important to keep hydrated and drink a lot of water. It’s important you drink at least eight 8-ounces of fluids per day to stay hydrated and help break up that nasty congestion.

  • Water, juice, herbal tea and sports drinks are all good options. Whipping out your favorite mug for lots of tea and juice refills is a great way to keep hydrated when sick.

  • There is a good reason people still turn to time-tested home remedies like grandma’s chicken soup. Homemade chicken soup will comfort you and keep your throat nice and moist—no wonder it’s one of the most touted home remedies for colds, it works!

Best Tea When Sick?

Ginger tea is one of the best teas when sick to warm you up over cold and flu season, it is effective and provides an affordable treatments against colds. Ginger root is high in B vitamins and is known to trigger sweating that can remove toxins from the body. Ginger has an antimicrobial effect and tastes great, too. You can find it in most supermarkets and add it to some of your favorite dishes to kick up the flavor while benefiting from its wholesome ingredients.

Follow our simple homemade ginger tea recipe, which you can pour it into a thermos and take it with you to the office or give it to your child when they go to school.