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Does your little one have sensitive skin? Let’s identify the problem and find a solution:

Boy wiping his sore nose with Puffs Plus Lotion

Why does my child have sensitive skin?

Young kids often experience skin sensitivity—their soft, silky skin is actually thinner than that of adults and their immune systems aren’t yet fully developed, so they are more affected by irritants.

Mother checking her daughters irritated skin

Extreme weather can cause their young skin to get very dry or to develop a heat rash.

Daughter blowing her sore nose with Puffs Plus Lotion

Personal care and household products can cause a skin allergy.

Colds and allergies can lead to a runny little nose, with sore, irritated skin.

Mother helping her daughter blow her sore nose with Puffs Ultra Soft


Make sure to moisturize their skin in the winter and rub on lots of sunscreen in the summer.

Mother applies sunscreen on daughter to protect skin sensitivity

Use unscented and dye-free products—like Tide Free & Gentle laundry detergent, as well as all-natural soaps and lotions. Plus use quality tissue for allergies: Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong are dermatologist tested to be gentle on skin, while being strong enough tissues for colds.

Girl holding a tissue box holder wiping her nose

Wash your children’s linens frequently and stick to loose-fitting clothing in natural fabrics like cotton.

Father showing son how to wash clothes to reduce allergens

If your child’s nose is a faucet, take a look at tips on how to stop a runny nose and use soft tissues for a sore nose like Puffs Plus Lotion, which locks in moisture to soothe irritation.

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Girl sitting at the table with Puffs Plus Lotion