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Whether you’re prone to allergies or catching the common cold, there are factors that can exacerbate the problem. So along with the right medicine, read on for how to identify triggers in your environment and how to get rid of a runny nose in no time.

Woman blowing her nose on a couch
  1. Don’t dry out your sinuses: Dry climates can cause irritation that leads to nose bleeds and/or a runny nose. This can also be a problem in other areas during wintertime, when the radiator is constantly running. In either case, a good humidifier will counteract the dry air.
  1. Get rid of the musty smell: If you detect that scent in your home—it often occurs in basements—there’s likely too much moisture in the air (the opposite of the scenario in tip #1). An air purifier can be all you need. But if the smell persists, make sure to get your house checked for mold.

  1. Keep it clean: Vacuum and dust frequently, especially during allergy season. Pollen and dust mites can wreak havoc on your nasal passages, so make sure your home is part of your runny nose remedy rather than the problem.