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  • Puffs Ultra Soft

    Our best non-lotion facial tissue.

    Puffs Ultra Soft is our most comforting lotionless facial tissue. It is the perfect tissue for when sore or runny noses need some extra non-lotion softness. Puffs Ultra Soft non-lotion facial tissues are gentle, up to 2x stronger when wet (vs. the leading national regular brand), and have maximum absorbency. These tissues offer the softness and strength your delicate nose needs, especially during allergy season. A nose in need deserves Puffs indeed!

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    $1.49-$13.49 MSRP
  • Puffs Everyday Non-Lotion Facial Tissues

    Our original non-lotion facial tissue for regular use.

    Puffs facial tissues are the soft, everyday, non-lotion tissues you love in a cube & family size box. Puffs Tissues are softer & 50% stronger when wet than the leading national bargain brand. A nose in need deserves Puffs indeed!

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    $0.99-$9.99 MSRP
  • Puffs Ultra Soft Playful Prints Tissues

    The softness you love, now in four vibrant designs.

    The Playful Prints Collection features your favorite Puffs Ultra Soft tissues in four vibrant designs. Each tissue is dermatologist-tested to be gentle on your skin, without sacrificing the strength needed for tough nose blows. No matter what comes knocking, your nose will be comfortably ready for it. Don’t just settle for one! Try all of the designs to get the superior softness of Ultra Soft in vibrant display-ready cubes.

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