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  • Puffs Plus Lotion with the Scent of Vicks

    Bringing more Ahhh to your Ah-Choo!

    Puffs Plus Lotion with the Scent of Vicks is still our most soothing facial tissue with lotion, but also with the comforting scent of Vicks in a cube and family box. Puffs Plus Lotion is the perfect tissue for when sore or runny noses need some extra softness. Puffs Plus Lotion facial tissues lock in moisture better, to help soothe irritated skin commonly caused from rough or thin tissues. That little dab of lotion goes a long way to calm the most sensitive skin through any cold, flu, or allergy. The scent of Vicks provides comfort to every achoo. A nose in need deserves Puffs indeed!

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