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Your big, terrifying, amazing day is coming. Yeah, we’re talking about your wedding day. You better get those tears of joy tissues ready, because your I-do-to-do list really boils down to one thing: an emotional celebration! Here’s how a small addition—some thoughtful wedding tissues—can make a big impact:

Getting married brings tears of joy

Keep your eye on the ball: There are about a gazillion things to do—from the cake to the dress to the seating chart, the flowers, the song list, the photographer. Ahhh!!! Just don’t lose sight of what all this planning is about—the wonderful day of celebration for you, your spouse-to-be, and all your loved ones.

Pocket tissue packs help put their best face forward

Help your guests put their best face forward: As your guests prepare for your wedding, pocket tissues may just be the one thing they forget to take with them. Why not put together thoughtful arrival gift bags—with wedding tissue packs front and center—to help them get through the emotional day. Puffs To Go can easily be stashed in even the smallest clutch—and the facial tissues are so soft and gentle, your guests will be able to blot and wipe with ease.

Tears of joy wedding tissues

A personal touch: You can go one step further and personalize your wedding tissue packs. Just order some unique stickers—whether with a photo of the two of you, or with your initials and wedding date—stick ‘em onto the pocket tissues, and voila. Plus, along with a sticker, you can tie a ribbon on a bunch of Puffs SoftPacks. They’re flexible alternatives to tissue boxes, so you can easily slide them in-between seats at the ceremony.

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Puffs Plus lotion tissue box