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Your dear friend is getting married. It’s her big day, and it’s your job to keep her sane—and to help her put her best face forward (like making sure her happy tears don’t turn her makeup into a runny mess). You better get some wedding tissues ready!

Wedding celebration with Puffs Tissues

Along with wedding tissue packs, read on for all the must-haves to help get the bride—and the entire bridal party—through the long, busy day.

Bridal Party Survival Kit

  1. Mini lip gloss: to dab on last minute for all those pictures.
Facial tissue to remove extra makeup
  1. Travel-size deodorant: because even the loveliest ladies will sweat a bit (or a lot).
  1. Puffs To Go: you can whip out these soft pocket tissues whenever you need to blot sweat or wipe runny mascara.
Pocket Tissues fit in a wedding clutch
  1. Travel-size hairspray, comb, and bobby pins: in case those crazy dance move mess up your hairstyles.
Wedding day hairstyles
  1. Blister cushions: high heels—enough said.
Wedding dress shoes with blister pads
  1. Pain reliever: see above—not to mention the tension headaches.
  1. Clear mini nail polish: to stop a run in your pantyhose.
  1. Mints: for kissing the new hubby!
How to keep your breath fresh
  1. Tide to Go: someone’s bound to spill something.
  1. Nail file: and someone’s bound to break a nail.
Nail filer for that broken nail at the wedding

Happy Wedding Day!

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