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In practically every house, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where the family gathers in the morning, where the kids congregate after school, and friends stop by for coffee… A busy room calls for a tissue holder right? Actually, we’ve got an even better idea.

Puffs tissues are perfect for whipping away tears from an onion
  1. Tissues on hand? It’s where food is grabbed, stories and laughs are shared, and, at times, tears are shed—whether over a nasty onion or a broken heart. The point is, there is many a reason to have tissues with- in grasp in the kitchen.
Woman wiping away tears in the kitchen with Puffs soft pack tissue
  1. Cut the clutter: It’s also one of the most cluttered rooms in the house. From keys and sunglass- es to recipe books, menus, pens, etc.—everything is in some drawer or on some countertop. That one tissue box may be harder than you think to locate in a time of need. So pick up several Puffs SoftPacks instead!
Counter covered with dishes in the kitchen with no room for a tissue box holder
  1. Stash ‘em anywhere: Unlike a kitchen tissue holder, you can fold a SoftPack into any drawer of your choosing. It can be squished into so many places—just don’t forget to put one close to where your kids sit (we know how neat children can be with their food, right?).
Girl playing with food needs a puffs soft facial tissue
  1. Don’t be afraid of moisture: The Puffs SoftPack has a satiny plastic cover so it resists water much better than a tissue box—you’ll have no problem placing it near the sink or the stove.
Puffs soft pack tissues on a clean kitchen counter
  1. Fit for all occasions: Puffs facial tissues are soft and gentle enough to wipe away the tears, grime, and sauce from your favorite faces, yet they’re strong enough to handle the wettest achoo. So you can help everyone who steps into your kitchen put their best face forward.

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Girl blowing her runny nose in the kitchen with a puffs plus tissue